Ware house automation is the fastest technology across the country and forecast the ideas in automation world in 2019

AGVS provide automated material movement for a variety of industries including the: automotive, chemicals/plastics, hospital, newspaper, commercial print, paper, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, warehouse and distribution center, and manufacturing industries. AGVS can reduce labor and material costs while improving safety and reducing product and equipment damage. Our scope of services mainly comprises system implementations based on specific customer preferences. For the main part, we build Automated Guided Vehicles ourselves, which means that customer requirements can be considered. This is applied Industry 4.0!

Features In Our AGV:

  • Obstacle detection using Laser, Lidar
  • Customized Payload and Dimensions
  • Auto Charging
  • ROS Based Control
  • Iot Enabled
  • Support for any ERP system
  • Cloud Enabled fleet management
  • Omnimove