Robonectics is a Platform

We allow those who design or manufacture to develop their project according to an optimized and sustainable construction system, thanks to advanced large-dimensional 3D printing technology. From design to completion, we offer solutions that meet all construction automation needs. Our services include:

  • Assistance with architectural and technical design
  • Parametric modeling / Design optimization
  • The production of 3D printed parts
  • R&D on new printable materials
  • The installation of 3D printing systems for R&D
  • Installation of 3D printing systems for precast concrete.

We believe in the smooth transition

3D printing is part of the continuity of the digitization of systems and production tools. In the field of construction, it allows finally free shapes, an on-demand manufacturing using less material, offering more speed and more safety for all.

We welcome new paradigms

3D printing is a new paradigm that multiplies the crossroads between all the players in the design and construction chain: architects and designers, real estate developers and developers, manufacturers and builders now share the same solution, based on the same digital model.

We prefer here and now

Building on Mars? Why not… But printing solutions to restore natural ecosystems, housing better and faster, reducing the environmental impact of construction are challenges that 3D printing allows us to meet here and now.

3D Printing Solution

Design and have an element printed in 3D

You are a client, a project manager, a designer, a builder, a prefabricator

Robonetics is a platform that allows owners, contractors, architects and engineers, designers, construction and prefabrication companies to design and produce optimized, desirable and sustainable building systems, thanks to its technology advanced large dimension 3D printing. Shape your vision and have it printed from our catalog or on demand. Our catalog is endless and customizable. You can print items up to 5 meters high in one shot.

Are you a designer, an architect, an engineer

Have you developed a project? Whether it is a piece of furniture, a structural and / or ornamental element or even a technical part, by integrating our catalog your project will be accessible to the entire network and the RoboneticsE community and available for printing in all RoboneticsE production units.

Freed from the constraints of standardized formwork widely used in the construction sector, designers now have the means to imagine more complex and more efficient forms.

3D Printing Solution

Submit your Design

3D Printing Solution

Acquire 3D Printer

You want to be part of the Robonetics 3D printing network

RoboneticsE is rolling out its network of connected 3D printing units for construction globally. After its pilot plant in Paris-Rungis, RoboneticsE has started a new production unit in Dubai incorporating RoboneticsE technology, operated by Concreative, a company co-founded by the construction company Freyssinet Middle-East (Vinci group), the engineer e. construct and the design agency Drawlink Group. The opening of two other units in Japan and the United States is underway.