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Zalpha CH01

Product Description

Zalpha CH01 is a side docking auto charging station allows AMR to dock and recharge automatically when battery is low.


Model No. Units Zalpha-CH01
Voltage range V 90 ~ 132AC / 180 ~ 264AC
Frequency range Hz 47 ~ 63
AC current A 7A/115VAC (or) 3.5A/230VAC
Boost charge voltage Vboost. V 28.8
Float charge voltage Vfloat V 27.2
Voltage adjustable range V 26 ~ 28.8
Output current A 12.5
Lenght mm 540
Height mm 200
Width mm 150
Short circuit Output: Fuse(FS100),
shut down o/p voltage
Reverse polarity By internal fuse
Over voltage V 31 ~ 35
Shut down o/p voltage, re-power on to recover
Over temperature Automatically discharge until zero