JAKA Visual Protection System

JAKA Visual Protection System

Product Features:

JAKA visual protection system adopts industrial-grade wide-angle camera and image processing system of JAKA independent intellectual property rights, which is connected to cobot controller. The camera is placed above the working area of the cobot to monitor the working scene. When an external object (person or device) breaks into the monitoring area, the system processes makes a judgment based on the acquired image, and then sends instructions to the cobot to take corresponding measures to ensure the safety of human and machine.

This product can also be used as a monitoring device to display real-time monitoring working scenes through the interface.

Recommended industries and applications:


Product Parameters

Hardware CMOS Camera, Embedded Systems
Size 140×74×58(mm)(L×W×H)
Fixed Form Right Above, Lateral(Any angle)
Communication Interface

Ethernet Interfaces, HDMI

Resolution 130w pixels
Response Time 200ms

Installation Height

3m (suggest)

Protected Area

5m×4m (adjustable)