JAKA Zu 18s

JAKA Zu 18s Cobot

Product Features:

  • Equipped with advanced industrial force sensor (at the end or base of the robot).
  • Weight is less than 35.5KG, payload 18KG, working radius is up to 1073mm.
  • Higher payload, higher cost performance and higher safety.
  • Provide better man-machine interaction experience and security guarantee.
  • Provide a variety of force control solutions such as constant force, normal tracking and speed mode.

Recommended industries and applications:

Automobile and Auto Parts, Medical Devices, Metal Processing, Chemical & Synthetic Fibers, etc.

Product Parameters

Hardware platform
Force sensor
Coummunication interface
Maximun accuracy of collision detection
Maximun accuracy of constant force tracking
Payload 18kg
Weight (W cable) 35.3kg
Work radius 1073mm
Repeatability ±0.03mm
Axis 6
Programming Graphical programming, Free-drive
Teach pendant MT(PAD/Mobile)APP
Collaborative operation In compliance with GB 11291.1-2011
Certificate CR, CE, 15066
Robot Scope Max Spped
Joint 1 ±270° 120°/s
Joint 2 -85°,+265° 120°/s
Joint 3 ±175° 180°/s
Joint 4 -85°,+265° 180°/s
Joint 5 ±270° 180°/s
Joint 6 ±270° 180°/s
Max Speed / 3.5m/s
Rated power
Temperature range
IP Specification
Installation at any angle
Tool I/O
Digital input 2/Digital output 2/Analog input 1
Tool I/O power 24V
Base diameter
Aluminum, PC
Tool I/O size M8
Cable length 6m
Package size

Electrical Cabinet

Function introduction

IP  Specification IP44
Tool I/O 16 digital input,16 digital output,2 analog input or output
I/O Power 24V
Communication TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU
Power 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Size 410x307x235(mm)(WxHxD)
Package Size 600×325×400(mm)(L×W×H)
Weight 16kg
Material Stainless steel