Overhead Conveyor

Overhead conveyor technology for diverse uses

Our product range includes a wide range of paint booth conveyor, automated conveyor system, overhead i beam conveyor, manual push pull conveyor, overhead manual conveyor and i beam conveyor. OVERHEAD CONVEYOR TECHNOLOGY

Overhead conveyors are the most efficient and gentlest means of transporting certain items. Contrary to some expectations, the range of products that benefit from this technology extends far beyond articles from the fashion industry. With its complete overhead conveyor systems, Robonetics provides solutions for a vast range of different applications. Robonetics helps you to find the best conveyor system for your items and also creates the ideal design for your warehouse layout.

Service Details

Comprehensive support

Professional advice is absolutely essential when developing an overhead conveyor solution. Let us know which tasks your warehouse has to handle. Our experienced consultants look forward to helping you.

Benifits for glance:

  • Optimum use of the available space by integrating the space below the ceiling.
  • Light, standardized conveyor elements enable rapid and easy assembly.
  • Optimum material flow.
  • Easy maintenance, little training required.
  • Easy to combine with work stations.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Comprehensive support.
  • From Light to Heavy Load .