Spiral Conveyor

Spiral Conveyor

"Spiral conveyors transfer loads from level to level quickly and efficiently, without interrupting the conveying process, without extra manual handling or transfers to other equipment. They're ideal for multilevel buildings, or elevated conveyor lines. Because they convey loads continuously, they're extremely fast and utilize little space in vertical conveying applications. Multiple cartons are always packed into spirals, where inclines can process only a few.


  • Small operating footprint: For space savings, it's difficult to imagine a solution that out performs spiral conveying.
  • High throughput: Spirals convey the load in a continuous flow, creating high throughput. spirals can operate at speeds up to 200 FPM - and many can be reversed.
  • Single drive: Typically, only one drive is required for spiral conveying. This means cost savings, noticeable energy savings, and easier controls integration.
  • Ease of installation: Many spirals are shipped as one piece, pre-assembled and tested.

Spiral conveyors are high-throughput, small footprint conveying solutions For high-throughput applications, spirals are ideal. We have utilized them in snack food applications where space was tight and high rates of throughput were needed to deliver cartons from suspended belt conveyor systems.

What our Conveyor's do


Bringing products up or down by using a spiral conveyor like the SpiralVeyor. The application range is wide, from the handling of parcels or totes in logistical processes to primary and secondary packed consumer items up to print finishing.


Accumulating products in- or offline by using an accumulator like the AccuVeyor. Accumulation solutions are available for all kind of products and industries. Gaining efficiency by balancing the speed differences in a production line, processing products by time delay or buffering items offline in an intermittent process.


Conveying items from A to B with minimum transfers using AmbaVeyor. This unique side flexing conveyor solution is based on the proven SpiralVeyor belt technology. The investment is low because of simplicity, long runs and integrated curves and inclines.