Telescopic Conveyor

Telescopic conveyor types

A telescopic belt and Roller conveyor is a recommended solution for loading and unloading of parcels where the transport of products is arranged on a rubber belt. The conveyors can be extended two or three times. The conveyor length changes are driven by electric motors. PVC bands are 600 or 800 millimetres wide, with forward or backward movement direction or with a bidirectional movement function. The standard length of a telescopic conveyor is 5 to 7 metres and the entire length with pull-out sections varies from 11.5 to 21 metres - on customer request, we may deliver conveyors in customised dimensions.

Service Details

Unmatched versatility; customized Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Robonetics Telescopic Belt Conveyors are built to last. The 5-year structural warranty, gives you peace of mind. The unique multi-connector means that Robonetics Performer Telescopic Belt Conveyors can be altered and upgraded subsequent to installation. This future-proof feature means the conveyor continues to meet the needs of your business. You can improve flexibility by mounting Telescopic Belt Conveyors on rails to serve several doors, or improve handling by adding a platform, articulating belt conveyor or even a heater to improve the work environment.

Accelerate unloading /loading with Telescopic Belt Conveyors

Larger volumes of parcels are often handled in facilities designed for lower capacities — which gives rise to bottle-necks. Accelerate loading and unloading at the door by installing Robonetics Telescopic Belt Conveyors.


  • improved work ergonomics
  • faster loading and unloading
  • safe and reliable operation