PCB Positioning Solution :

The independently-developed platform iVMS-6000 is designed to enhance the key to PCB positioning system - productivity benefit. It takes only one light source, one camera and one perfectly matched algorithm platform software to enable coordinate feedback and angle measurement of the PCB, to send the acquired real-time data to the mechanical arm, and to coordinate with the upstream and downstream high-precision automated equipment. The whole process is done in less than a second. Productivity can be increased to 300 pieces per hour by combining with PLC automated equipment, offering a cost-effective solution while increasing productivity.

System Features

  • Efficient image acquisition
  • Advanced algorithms
  • High precision
  • Adaptable to harsh working environments
  • Uninterrupted running 24 hours a day
  • Standard communication interface, UDP communication
  • High cost performance

Mobile Phone charging Jack Positioning Solution :

Leveraging the self-developed iMVS-6000 algorithm platform, Hikrobot's Machine Vision Mobile Phone Charging Jack Positioning System can quickly access the charging jack position and rotation angle; meanwhile it helps improve the stability of the entire production line since direct contact with the product is avoided.

System Features

  • Fast positioning and short processing time: <0.5s
  • High product recognition rate: >99.99%
  • High adaptability to harsh environments
  • Ability to run stably for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Communication via mainstream communicati

System composition & Communication

Single Image Acquisition System

Mobile Phone LGP Positioning Guidence Solution :

Hikvision's Mobile Phone LGP Positioning Guidance System features a dual-camera design, and adopts high-resolution industrial cameras and self-developed iMVS-6000 algorithm platform. The system can obtain the coordinates and rotation angles of multiple workpieces through just one shot, which leads to lower demand of the assembly line for tray and carrier accuracy, improved automation of mobile phone assembly and higher productivity.

Dual-camera positioning With two high-resolution industrial cameras being used for image acquisition and the iMVS-6000 algorithm platform for image analysis, the physical position and rotation angle of the workpiece can be accurately acquired and then sent to the mechanical arm. With the received information, the arm can make appropriate compensation based on the position and angle deviation of the workpiece to ensure successful installation. The benefits are lower demand of the production line for tray and carrier accuracy, and improved precision of automated assembly.

Image processing By running the Hikvision's self-developed iMVS-6000 algorithm platform in the high-performance vision controller, micron-level positioning is realized, and the controlle

System Features

  • Fast positioning, and short single component processing time: <0.3s
  • High component recognition rate: >99%
  • Ability to run stably for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to cater for industrial production
  • Dual-camera positioning, low demand for ray and carrier accuracy
  • Simple structure, and easy installation, commissioning and maintenance