Metal Processing

Steel Surface Defect Detection

Hikvision metal surface defect detection system adopts stationary detecting method to the defects of metal plates by acquiring, identifying and analyzing the images of the plate surface, making it a very important tool to improve product quality. It consists of a defect detection subsystem and a control subsystem:

Defect detection subsystem:

It consists of CCD line scan camera, industrial lens, light source, and IPC, etc., and is used for bearing image acquisition, template matching and result output.

Control subsystem:

It consists of PLC controller, machine action unit and audible and visual alarm and performs defect management, machine action or audible and visual alarm based on the signals output by IPC. This subsystem is generally configured by the integrator or customer.

System Features

  • Fast detection to effectively improve the production efficiency.
  • A variety of defects detection with high accuracy (>90%)
  • Independently developed products and algorithms, facilitating the further development.