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Heavy duty Roller

Pallet Conveying System

Robonetics pallet conveyor systems are an outstanding solution for efficient processes with repetitive internal transportation procedures and standard routes. Boasting a modular design, ROBONETICS conveying systems are energy-efficient and contain a frequency-controlled drive technology, which ensures flexible in-house, transport between production,storage, picking, and shipping. These systems guarantee an optimum material flow and come fully assembled.

ROBONETICS pallet conveyor technology handles a broad range of formats including DIN industrial and chemical pallets, mesh box pallets, and special pallets weighing up to 1,500 kilograms

Customized system design

Design profiles allow a modular setup, a special support profile for chain conveyors and roller conveyors , powered and rolling conveyor elements, belts and telescopic conveyors. Robonetics conveyor technology components and extensive accessories enable a custom design specific to your requirements. In addition, Robonetics manufactures all individual components in-house - guaranteeing consistent quality and reliability.

Flexibility, ease of installation, and a maintenance-friendly design distinguish the ROBONETICS pallet conveyor technology components. The use of energy-saving, frequency-controlled drive technology is also guaranteed to reduce operating costs.

Flexibility and Economy in Single System

arrow Special support profile for chain and roller conveyors.

arrow Profile design enables a modular layout.

arrow Clamp connections enable important components to be attached.

arrow Conveyor elements are adaptable and work with a diverse range of load carriers.

arrow Chain and roller conveyors are available with custom lengths.

arrow Automated connection to high bay warehouses.

arrow Maintenance-friendly design of all construction elements (reduces operating costs).

arrow High quality and service life longevity of each system.

arrow Pre-assembly and wiring at the ROBONETICS production facility.

arrow Easy and rapid replacement of support rollers with a tangential drive.

arrow Ongoing development and updates to components.

arrow Pallet conveyor components can be used with temperatures ranging from -28°C to +45°C.

Pallet Conveying System

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