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Product Description

  • arrowMovement of pallets can be triggered manually or automatically by WMS system.

  • arrow Automatically returns to charging station when battery power is low or not in use.

  • arrowAble to communicate with shutter doors via WIFI.

  • arrow 4G/ WIFI communication with RMS.

  • arrow No infrastructure required to map work area.

  • arrow GPS and 3D LIDAR provide simultaneous localization and mapping

  • arrow Emergency Stop buttons to prevent collisions or accidents.


Model RAS20
Power Battery
Navigation Laser / Lidar
Load Q kg 2000 - 6000
Load Center C mm 600
Fork overhang X mm 730
Axel Distance Y mm 1470
Vechicle Weight kg 1320
Axel Load full(F/R) kg 2310 /1240
Axel Load empty(F/R) kg 494/1055
Tire Polyurethane
Driving Wheel mm mm φ230x82
Driven wheel mm mm φ82x70
Auxilary wheel mm mm φ125x60
QTY of wheel 1x-2/4
Distance of Front Wheel b11 mm 800
Distance of Rear Wheel b10 mm 500
Lifting Height mm 200 - 6000
Height of Fork from ground H5 mm 86
Total Length L1 mm 2222
Total width b1 mm 1090
Width of body b2 mm 1000
Size of Fork s/e/l mm 180/66/1150
Width of Fork b3 mm 680
Distance from Ground(Min) m mm 30
Stacking Aisle right angle
pallet 1000X1200 a=200
Ast mm 2640
Turning Radius Wa mm 1830
Speed Full/Empty km/h 4.6/5.2
Lifting speed Full/Empty mm/s 90/120
Down speed Full/Empty mm/s 125/80
Max. Gradeability Full/Empty % 5/8
Brake Electric / Mechanical
Positioning accuracy mm 10
Driving Moto kw AC 1.5
Lifting Moto kw DC 3.0
Lithium Battery V/Ah 24/200 (200/240/280)
Battery Weight kg 200/205/295
Noise dB(A) < 70

Note : High Load AGV can also be provided based on client’s requirements.